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About Universal Mama

Welcome To Universal Mama!

Universal Mama was established in 2004 by a group of artisans with a focus on beautifully crafted items for children. Today, our offerings still include toys, dolls, and cloth diapers, but have expanded to include products for the entire family. Our spirit of providing inspired handmade items and top-notch customer service remains the same. You can find each individual vendor on our Home page with a separate link.

We stock an assortment of hand created products from around the United States and Canada. You will find some of our products are focused on a more natural environment while others may be more mainstream.

The artisans of Universal Mama strive to offer the best customer service and quality items for any occasion.  If you have any questions just send us an email and we will be in touch as quickly as possible. 

Our artisans creations include cloth diapers and diapering accessories, hand knits, children's clothing and dress up items, natural toys, hand-dyed yarn, play silks and tie-dyed creations and household goods! You'll also find many more offerings by our frequent guest artisans!

The Universal Mamas welcome you and hope you will enjoy your visit.

About Blue Room Creations

My name is Kate and I am the WAHM behind Blue Room Creations! I am mom to two rambunctious boys and wife to my wonderful husband.

Sewing and textiles run in my blood. My love of fabrics and colors began at an early age growing up in my mother's fabric store. After school I would hang out in the store, wander through the stacks of fabric and work on my own little projects out of scraps. In addition to my my mother's fabric store and interior design business, my grandmother had a successful purse-making business. My sewing machine rests on a century-old sewing machine table that belonged to my great-great grandmother. I love thinking that I am sitting there sewing on the same table that generations of women in my family have sat at as welll.

All of my creations are lovingly crafted in my blue painted craft studio, hence the name Blue Room Creations. This room is my sanctuary in a house full of noisy boys and my sanity saver!

I love to create items that are not only beautiful and fun, but that also serve a purpose--functional items don't have to be boring! My product line includes hair accessories, key fobs, wallets, cozies, e-reader and tablet covers, tote bags, purses and more!

About  The Cloth Canoe

A warm welcome to The Cloth Canoe! 

I'm Genevieve, owner & creator behind The Cloth Canoe. I make and sell unique designer cloth diapers & reusable cloth pads for women, using top quality fabrics such as bamboo, organic cotton & designer prints. I strive to provide parents with exceptional quality items for their babies and for themselves. 

The Cloth Canoe was opened in 2004 after having observed a need for unique, well made cloth diapers that replaced disposable diapers. As a parent I am very conscious of the products we use on our babies, and I was discouraged at the amount of garbage disposables created in landfills. 1 child will use over 9000 diapers in 3 years, and cost over 3000$. The cost of cloth diapers is much less, and these can be used not only for one child, but for 2, 3 or even 4 children. Our cloth diapers are extremely well made and lasts many years. It is a wonderful investment, and a great way to save the earth from disposables in landfills. 

Our cloth diapers are made with our own pattern, which have been extensively tested before being put on the market. They are very trim with a great coverage, a flat front with no extra bulk. The design allows for quick drying time, and offers the best absorbency out there. 

We also offer reusable cloth pads for women in four sizes; pantiliners for light flow and everyday wear, regular flow for moderate flow, heavy for moderate to heavy flow and overnight/postpartum for, you guessed it, overnight and postpartum flow. They are backed by fleece and wings to keep them in place. We use quality materials that are extremely soft, with funky minky designs and organic bamboo. Once you try our cloth pads you will never want to use disposable pads ever again! 

Take a look around, we are sure that you will love browsing our store! 

Bright Blessings, 


About Country Soaps By Marlene


About Fair Trade Family

I am Tiffany Nixon, artisan and operator of Fair Trade Family. I am a Chicago-girl transplanted with my husband (my college sweetheart) to the suburbs of Phoenix, Arizona, where I spend most of my time parenting and schooling my four amazing sons. Our house is full of passions: knitting, crocheting, quilting, guitar, ukulele, gymnastics, soccer, martial arts, friendship, family, photography, community outreach, and feeding the homeless. We rarely slow down, but we definitely embrace life. I love that the way that my artisan business connects me to people all over the world, but I also love that it is fun!

About Huckleberry Knits

I love color and beautiful fiber. I'm fascinated by how hand-dyeing is a marvelous blend of art and science. One of my favorite things is when I put a final color on a skein of yarn or a length of fiber, and it achieves a sort of visual resonance, like adding in a note that was missing from a musical chord.

Lately my knitting tastes have gravitated towards semi-solid yarns, and my dyeing interests have followed. You’ll find rich, multi-layered semi-solids as well as vibrant variegated colorways in my shop.

All of my yarns and fibers are dyed by hand with professional-grade acid dyes and properly heat-set in my home studio in Bellingham, Washington, where I have been dyeing since 2006. While I carry a wide variety of yarn weights and fiber blends, my favorite wool is Blue-Faced Leicester, which I love for its softness and luster. I also love the beautiful shine and drape of wool/silk blends.

Thank you for your interest in Huckleberry Knits!

About The Indigo Onion

My name is Pam, I am a mom to 4 kids, and we share our home with 3 dogs.
We are a family focused company run from our family home in the Land of 10,000 Lakes... aka Minnesota.

I like to focus my creative efforts on my dye work. I primarily offer dyed fabrics, but occasionally offer finished products featuring my dye work. Some of the items you may find stocked in my cart include Sprouts, Hooties, bags, and cloth diapers. My mother, Wanda, lives with our family. She is a huge inspiration to me and crafts along side of me much of the time. We have worked together offering our wears online since 2001, first with cloth diapers and moving on to other things as my children grew and our interests changed.

I have been working with dyes for more than 20 years, developing unique and proprietary techniques, to bring my clients one of a kind vibrantly dyed items. I use professional grade Procion fiber reactive dyes.

I thoroughly rinse my items, to avoid using harsh afterfix chemicals. I also batch dye to conserve on water, and wash time. This may cause a custom to take up to 3 weeks, generally  not longer.

About Kobieta

Kobieta (kOb-jyet-a) is the Polish word for "Woman".
Part of my heritage is Pole and I think the word rings beautifully.
And who am I? My name is Nikki Plank. I am the WAHM behind Tadpoles & Butterflies Children's Clothing. I have ran TNB for over 8 years online, the last 5 being on Hyenacart where I have 100% feedback. I have a lifetime of experience in sewing and design and am happy to be able to share that with you.
Please feel free to check my feedback at Tadpoles & Butterflies, Universal Mama and Fresh on Hyenacart as well as over a thousand positive feedback at Ebay for my years selling my clothing there.
I was inspired to open Kobieta after my own frustration at finding stylish comfortable clothing for plus size women. If it is cute, it is usually too small. Or if I by chance find nice plus size then it may only fit my bust but look like a sack in the waist or be to short. After talking with many women of many sizes, I realized this was universal problem,,from the tiny petite to the extra extra larges.
So I decided, I wanted clothing that would fit me, curves and all, and fit me well.....and I want to share that vision with women all sizes, from the smallest frame to largest.
Woman,,Kobieta,,,,no matter what size, age or figure...because style is not a size.

About Madaline Jane

About me:
Hi, my name is Jenny and I am the owner of Madaline Jane. I am a stay at home mom to five precious children, Julien, Ellison, Jackson, Evelyn and John. My sixth child, Madaline, is in heaven and my shop was named after her.

All my products are handmade with the utmost care given to quality. I pay particular attention to details. All seams are professionally finished. All fabrics are pre-washed to avoid any shrinkage. Merchandise is made in my smoke free in-home studio.

Products are all made with real kids in mind. Everything is made to be worn, whether at play or a special occasion. Unless otherwise stated, everything can be machine washed and dried. I also offer personalization through embroidery, screenprinting and appliqué.

Please note that NE customers are charged sales tax.

Feel free to contact me if you are interested in a custom piece or have any questions.

About Rising Sun Earthworks

My name is June Gonzalez and I am a work-at-home mom. I live in Rhode Island with my wonderful, funny, sweet engineer of a hubby; our twins, a boy and a girl who are 17 and constantly at each other’s throats; and a houseful of animals.

My mom first noticed my artistic abilities when I was quite young, and encouraged and nurtured them as I grew up. I took a lot of art classes. I eventually received a BA in studio art and promptly threw it in a closet and forgot about it. I was so tired of art!

I then began working as an animal control officer in southern New Mexico. After 8 years of chasing dogs and trapping skunks, I quit to move with my husband to Michigan. I had the twins, and when they were 18 months old, my husband presented me with a used wheel and kiln! I was actually quite angry with him at the time. I felt like he thought I had nothing to do all day! But I did sneak in an hour here and there while the twins were napping.

In 1999 my mother passed away and we moved to Rhode Island. It was a very difficult transition for me, but I continued with the pottery. In 2003 I registered my business, Rising Sun Earthworks, named in tribute to my Japanese mom who never gave up on me but never got to see the results of her encouragement of my artwork.

Pottery is the perfect medium for me, because I enjoy creating items that will be used and loved every day and be part of the lives of my customers.ck here to edit text.

About WoolCreations

 Growing up in Europe, I gained insight into Waldorf education where I learned doll making and the art of felting. Even though learned to knit, crochet and sew while I was young, I did not fall in love with creating felted art and dolls until I wanted to make beautiful creations for my own children.

​ As a child I loved playing with dolls; I quickly realized this new type of doll, one that I would create, would be enjoyed not only by my own family but also by every family whose hands and hearts would embrace it. When my first daughter was born over twenty-five years ago, I made my first Waldorf style doll . Crafts remained a large part of our lives as our family moved to the United States, and I started teaching at a Waldorf school. I taught doll making to children and provided doll-making workshops for adults. As a result of this exposure, I was introduced to the art of felting and I fell in love with creating wonderful art with wool.

 I taught doll making to children and provided doll-making workshops for adults. As a result of this exposure, I was introduced to the art of felting and I fell in love with creating wonderful art with wool.

  Early in 2006 WoolCreations® was born and immediately became a big part of my life. It is something I can share with children and adults worldwide; now many of you can enjoy my art and your children can experience the feeling of warmth and love from my wonderful designs and dolls. My customers are parents, children and even collectors! I pour my heart, imagination, skill and time into every WoolCreations®. One of a kind and handmade; you're sure to enjoy! Everything I make comes with its own personality and is inspired by personal life experiences.

I welcome custom orders. When I first started with my business I believed that customs would limit my creativity, but I learned quickly that my customer bring out the best in me. I will listen to your wishes and, with a little bit of creative freedom, come up with your custom order. My goal is to take your vision and deliver your design. I promise I will do my best to that end, but please allow for my personal interpretation of your unique ideas.

About Woollybottoms

Sharie Williamson is the Seamstress /Cobbler behind Pitterpat. After her daughter ripped through one beautiful soft sole shoe after another, she set out to find a durable soft sole shoe. After months of searching – she found there was nothing that was both soft and durable on the market, and decided to design her own. After hundreds of shoes and many revisions she created the only durable soft sole shoe on the market. She is proud her shoes are free of adhesives and unhealthy toxins that are found in so many shoes today. She creates her shoes from a combination of new, organic and up-cycled material to create a look that is both unique and stylish for your little one's toes.

Sharie resides in Bozeman, Montana, with her fabulous husband and two adorable daughters. When she is not sewing you will likely see her enjoying the outdoors with her two girls and knitting needles in hand.

I'm Dana, owner and designer of srgoddess. In 1995 I received a Master of Fine Arts degree in Photography from the University of Illinois at Chicago.  Somehow my love for jewelry took precedence!

I've been designing and selling jewelry & pendulums online for about 12 years, and truly appreciate all the people who have become my customers! Many of you have become friends.

Sterling Silver is my favorite metal to work with, but I've also been having fun designing with Vintaj antique Brass and sometimes Copper.

Painting and doing mixed media collages, which I call Art Nichos, are also often listed at Etsy.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or requests! I look forward to working with you!
My name is Danielle, aka Danz, 35-year-old wife of 14 years to Peter and mom to Piet who is 11, Aubrey who is 9 and Micah who is 7.  I love playing with them and teaching them during the day.

Crafting beaded jewelry is my creative outlet reminding me in the midst of parenting preschoolers, that I am still an adult ;)  I opened Doodles Jewels in March of 2004 after finding a bunch of my online friends were looking for nursing necklaces, and that I could create them beautifully and at a cost effective price point.  I have since expanded to mostly gemstone jewelry and varying prices so that everyone can afford at least a small piece of special jewelry for themselves.  We deserve it after all!
My name is Crystal and I am the owner and designer of Lilikoi Lane. I'm mom to a beautiful, rambunctious little girl and a charming, happy baby boy. My husband and I have created our home in the beautiful Pacific Northwest in Vancouver, BC.

Creativity is in my blood. My dad is a builder and while I was growing up my mom drew, sewed,made jewelry and every summer had my younger sister and I enrolled in classes that would challenge our creativity. I took my first sewing class when I was 10 years old, sadly by the time I was a teenager I had put away my sewing machine and it wasn't until a year after my daughter was born that I started sewing again.

My sewing projects started as a hobby and quickly grew to a business as other moms in our neighborhood saw what I was making and wanted them for their children as well. In 2009 Lilikoi Lane was born. I rapidly collected over 200 fabrics for my customers to chose from for their appliqued shirts. I currently have over 50 designs for customers to chose from and add a new design or two every month. If you have a design you would like to see let us know, we'd be happy to bring it to fruition.

Lilikoi pronounced- lee-LEE-koy is the hawaiian word for passion fruit. The fruits of my passion are the one-of-a-kind custom shirts that I create for children across North America and even on other continents! We hope you and your little ones enjoy our shirts as much as we enjoy making them.

Woolies coming soon!

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